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The obsession with size zero is over!

We – ‘Les Poulettes’ – are proud of our muffin tops! Well, we try to be (after all no expression containing ‘muffin’ can be bad, right?). It can be very hard to love your body with all these magazines showcasing perfect(ly photoshopped) bodies all year round! If you have never felt guilty after this second slice of pizza at a party, throw me the first olive! We know we have! And who has never Googled ‘how to lose 10 kgs by next week’ or ‘how to get rid of my love handles’?

All of us have – at one stage in our lives – tried to find the best way to get the Perfect body. Perfect for whom? Who do we want this perfect body for? This is a question we have been working on for a long time here, at the ‘Poulettes’ coop. The answer is quite obvious, but it took us a while to admit it: being beautiful starts with feeling beautiful.

Realising this for us was a ‘Cocorico’ (see what we did there) and we decided to do everything we could to help every Chick looking in the mirror thinking ‘my thighs are too fat’ or ‘my butt too flat’ feel better about themselves. That was it, the start of ‘Poulettes Fitness’. We believe every woman is beautiful and that day, we decided to shout it to the world.


With ‘Les Poulettes’, Cardio rhymes with Mojito

Wait a second… Nobody said we should ditch the salad and jump on this massive burger. To feel beautiful, you must feel good. In your head and in your body and to achieve this, the key word is Balance: a bit of physical activity, a bit of healthy food and… a bit of naughty stuff every now and then. It seems the road to happiness is not that steep after all. .

Et chez les Poulettes, on a voulu l’annoncer clairement ! Parce qu’on ne rate jamais l’heure de l’apéro ! Alors pour compenser on fait des abdos ! Et le résultat : le corps qui nous plaît, sans frustration ni culpabilité ! Nous sommes certaines de ne pas être les seules dans ce cas, c’est pourquoi nous avons créé notre collection abdos et mojitos. Avec son legging original et sa brassière élégante, on se sent belle pour le sport… et pour l’apéro !

Be yourself! Be bold.

Enough with the black tights at the gym, we want to see color! Women should be able to express themselves through their clothes as much as their attitude. We want to offer a fun and vibrant range to match your mood at any time, whatever your size and body shape.


Feel good in your sneakers and your sports pants

Ever tried to concentrate on your jogging technique while holding your track pants which keep falling? What about the tights showing half of your underwear every time you squat? Unfortunately, we had them too... For this reason, we have looked for the best fabrics to offer you slimming and opaque leggings in all circumstances for a second skin effect! Same thing with our sports tops! No more chest squishing crop tops. The Poulettes' sports bras allow you to breathe and the technical fabric keeps perspiration away. You want more? Removable shells and a beautiful rounded shape for an amazing bust!

The quality of a garment Made in France

In our quest for the best products, we quickly realised that Made In France would be the way to go. To keep control on the quality of course, but above all to offer you ethical clothing, produced in good conditions and in a short circuit to reduce our carbon footprint. All our products are made in France and our sports pants are printed in an environmentally friendly way (OEKO_TEX).