We already know what you’re thinking: an other fitness brand that advocates perfect bodies and a super healthy and balanced lifestyle. Another brand that will flood us with pixtures of fitness girls gobbling protein shakes between two sessions of abs.

So far from us the idea of ​​creating a brand that does not reflect our personalities !

Women are in perpetual questioning about their physique: am I pretty enough? Thin enough ? too thin ?

Why do we ask ourselves so many questions? At the end of the day it is the migraine insured. Still on the diet or at least in procrastination diet, we have all said "tomorrow diet" after a weekend rich in saturated fatty acids.

But why is it so difficult not to give in when you have a nice little dish under your nose? Because we all share an unconditional, universal and limitless love: the love of foof. And who can resist to love?

How not to succumb to a good burger or a mojito? Who can resist an exquisite strawberry or pastry chocolate? If only we could eat without ever fattening ...

What we all want is to enjoy the pleasures of life while keeping the line. After many and many researches, in-depth studies, tests and analyzes, the observation is distressing: there is no miracle solution.

So sorry but you have to get used to living in the body that your mother gave you! No choice, you must learn to love yourself.

Self love. Difficult to tame and often not present in the life of a woman. Yet it is self-love that makes us beautiful and radiant. Love yourself, easy to say but not to do. Besides, it's always super gaulé girls who tell others to assume, easy when you weigh 50kg wet (without wanting to offend you, well done ladies for your body super-sharpened goddesses of course we're just jealous) .

Enjoy Life, Be Radiant, Eat, Drink and Workout !

Sport: masculine name, activity more and more fashionable on social networks. One might think at first sight that it is still a ruse created by models to show us on instagram their shaped bodies.

Think again, the sport is above all a physical activity, more or less tiring, good for the health! It's true, there is not only the food in life, there is sport too! By combining sports, healthy food and some good lunchs on weekends you make sure to get the body you like without ever being frustrated.

So the bold alliance between sport and good food gave birth to our brand Les Poulettes Fitness.