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Who are the founders?

It was in 2011, when they returned to the preparatory business class in Lyon, that Amélie Rivoire and Roxane Sutet, the future founders of the Poulettes Fitness, met. Very quickly friends and roommates, the two girls start working together during the two years of their prep class. They both integrate two major business schools, Amélie in Bordeaux (Kedge Business School) and Roxane in Toulouse (Toulouse Business School). Both passionate about entrepreneurship for years, Amélie and Roxane follow their studies keeping in mind the idea of ​​starting their own business. It is at the end of their studies, in February 2017 that they make a certain assessment ...


The assessment

Both epicurean and sporty, they realize that no sports brand matched them, either by the designs of clothing or the message they transmit. For them, the big sports brands generally advocate performance, surpassing oneself and excellence. They give the impression that there is a real divide between women sports, who take care of them and who are demanding with themselves, and others. With this message and "faded" or unoriginal designs, the sport seems to be only accessible to a part of the population.

Why les Poulettes Fitness?

The two founders wanted to create a brand that resembled them and that showed that we can combine the pleasures of life, sports and body accepting! Les Poulettes Fitness is a brand of women's sportswear 100% made in France with original designs, for all women who think that "abs" can rhyme with "aperitif". By offering technical and fashionable clothing, Roxane and Amélie wish to show all women that it is possible to combine femininity and sport while enjoying the pleasures of life. They also want to create a brand of sport in which all women can finally recognize themselves regardless of their morphology or their sporting level.