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Since the creation of our brand, Les Poulettes Fitness, we have made a bet: to make all our clothes in France.

A real impact on employment

To manufacture in France, is to have the will to make work the French economy, to perpetuate know-how but also to maintain jobs and to save local businesses. Only 30 years ago, the French textile industry still had 600,000 jobs in France.

This number is now divided by 10. By increasing the share of locally manufactured products, we could allow a real revaluation of the French textile sector.

At Les Poulettes Fitness, we feel invested by this cause that concerns us all, for today and tomorrow ....


Good production conditions

We made the sad fact that almost all sports brands make their clothes in developing countries for better profitability.

By producing in France, we guarantee good working conditions for all actors in our production chain and we fight at our level against the illegal work of children in developing countries.

We work exclusively with workshops passionate about the textile trade which, day after day, fashion and weave with love your future outfits! A reduced ecological impact

A reduced ecological impact

From an ecological point of view, whether raw materials (fabrics, embroidery) or finished products, low transport distances can minimize the carbon footprint. Our simple and recyclable packaging releases an acceptable volume of waste.

Before they are sent, our garments travel less than 1200km, which is on average 15 times less than a garment made in China. We understand why the fashion industry ranks second among the most polluting industries ...