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Apéro en été : les pièges à éviter

Apéro en été : les pièges à éviter

Aah Summer… The beautiful days come back and we love it! For us, the slightest ray of sunshine is a pretext to arrange a cocktail. Yes but there, we do not really want to tread or bafrer us peanut chips all evening! We reveal our little tricks to avoid a drink too greasy, too sweet, too salty!

Bye bye chips !

Farewell, industrial chips, much too rich in fats and salts: instead proposes the crisps of vegetables for healthy chips! Avoids at all costs the biscuits appetizers, and instead put on a variety of small fresh and crunchy vegetables such as mushrooms, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, cherry tomatoes...

And the sauces ?

Fled the Tarama and the greasy industrial sauces... Prepare your homemade accompaniments with light yogurt. Also think about homemade guacamole! Forget the rillettes of ducks, goose... and think more about the rillettes of salmon or tuna. Very easy to prepare, they bring lightness and good nutrients. Spread them on endive leaves or cucumber sticks!

And the meat ?

Replace deli meats with grey and light sausage. Since January 1st, you've been on the course and you're proud of yourself, on the cleat. It would be a pity to ruin everything now! Keep this precious article in a corner of your head for appetizers without peanuts!



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