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Apéro : quelle boisson choisir ?

Apéro : quelle boisson choisir ?

It's summer, it's sunny, it's hot and... you're thirsty! Phew, it's time for an aperitif! If a refreshing drink makes you feel good on the job, don't forget that it probably hides perverse effects... We share here small information very useful to hydrate in all serenity!

Soft drinks non-alcoholic

To not dehydrate nothing like water... but not very fun! You are advised to opt for carbonated water that can be embellished with a slice of lemon. On the other hand, syrups that bring only sugar are avoided. Or, there is always the diet soda, but to consume in moderation! Know that a regular glass of soda represents three pieces of sugar.

Fruit juice

The ideal is the squeezed fruit juice (blood orange, grapefruit) or the homemade smoothie. We forget the too industrial fruit juices very rich in sugar. Or we choose a citrus juice "100% pure Juice". We recommend the tomato juice which is a good alternative and fits very well with salty appetizers. .

Alcoholic beverages

Not all alcohols bring the same amount of calories. A glass of dry white wine or rosé (64 kcal) is ideal but rarely served as an aperitif except in the summer. On the other hand, a soft white glass is much sweeter (160 kcal). A glass of champagne may be part of the feast provided it is crude (85 kcal). All strong spirits, cognac, whisky, rum, are to be avoided. The cocktails (Margarita, Pina Colada) are excessively caloric. They are the equivalent of 7 to 8 glasses of champagne.



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