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Comment t’habiller selon ta morphologie ?

Comment t’habiller selon ta morphologie ?

Each body is different and we all have a unique morphology. Whether you are round, fine, large or small, the important thing is to assume and feel good about yourself. We know that knowing and proud of your body can sometimes be difficult. Identifying and knowing your morphology is the best way to choose suitable outfits and to showcase yourself. We will present 6 types of silhouettes and their charactristics by giving you tips to highlight them.

The Silhouette in V

If you have broad shoulders but hips and a narrow pelvis, you have a V-shape. Your waist is little marked and your legs are often long and thin. Most of the time, the V-shaped silhouette is unique to the sporty try to minimize the volume on the top of your body and accentuate it at the bottom to enhance your value. Opts for United tops, rather dark or long and flowing tunics. Round necklines, square boat or V sublimate your cleavage. As for the bottom, put your legs in value! Favors length to knees: skater dresses, skirt with flywheel or ball... Don't hesitate to wear vivid colors, prints, motifs, textured materials... Everything is possible!

The Silhouette in O

If your silhouette is generally round, your hips and shoulders are wide, you have an O morphology. You are luscious, your breasts are generous and your size is not very marked. Your forms are distributed fairly throughout your body. If you want to showcase yourself, draw attention to the top of your body and clear your neck. Don't mug your silhouette, opt for skirts and dresses to the knees, it's the cut that will fit you best. If you feel comfortable with, wear heels, it will lengthen your silhouette and you'll seem more slender. If you are not comfortable with your shapes and want to look finer, wears black or dark colors. The white reflects the light and gives volume, the black produces the opposite effect. You're not a fan of the dark? Wears all the colors you want but favors the gradients of a single color.

The Silhouette in A

If you are thin from the top of your body but your buttocks and pelvis are wider, you have a morphology in a. you have a fine waist, a small chest and narrow shoulders. You can rebalance your silhouette by choosing clothes that will accentuate the top of your body by giving it volume. Draws attention to your neck, clears your head port and prefers the cowls or boat passes. You have to find the perfect balance: do not wear too loose or too tight clothes, it will not sublimate your silhouette. Don't hesitate to bet on accessories! Necklaces, earrings or scarf, this will put your strengths in value. You're a high-skinned body. Avoids horizontal scratches, shiny or thick materials and bright colors at the bottom. Finally, always emphasizes your size, it will highlight your strong point.

The Silhouette in X

Your waist is fine and very marked, your shoulders and hips are wide, you have a morphology in X. You have a generous chest, your shoulders and your hips are well aligned, your size is your main asset, do not hesitate to mark it and highlight it. You can afford to carry a lot of things, whether you're fine or a little bit more round. It's up to you to adapt the outfits to suit your tastes or moods. Prioritizes adjusted and curved garments that will put your waist in value. If you find yourself too thin, opt for fluid clothes and shoulder jackets, it will thickened your silhouette and make you feel more comfortable. The bodycon or frilly dresses will put your feminine silhouette well ahead.

The Silhouette in H

If your hips and shoulders have the same proportion but your waist is not marked, you are an H morphology. You have a harmonious silhouette, little chest and little butt. You're fine, athletic and pretty slender. Your body is rather square, so the objective here is to sculpt it to the fullest. To get you to your advantage, avoid the clothes that flatten your shapes or that are too wide like the straight dresses or the one-piece swimwear. However, do not wear too tight tops, it will taset and produce the inverse of the desired effect. The high fluids and the heart caches will fit you perfectly. Put your legs in value with short skirts or shorts, low waist pants or Slims. Dares the eccentricity: vivid colors, Ruffles, sequins, fringe and accessories sublimate you. But don't forget to keep a balance and consistency in your outfit!

The Silhouette in 8

Almost identical to the silhouette in X, you have the shoulders and hips aligned. Your shoulders, thighs and hips are wide and thick. You have a fine waist and a generous chest. The figure in 8 is considered one of the easiest to dress because a lot of clothes highlight it. The goal is to sublimate your size, choose materials as well as cuts that will embellish your shapes. For the top, put on clothes curved and slightly decolletés, with a heart-wrap for example. Fluid materials and close to the body will be perfect for you. As for the bottom, choose skirts and pants high waist, this will showcase your hips as well as your waist.

You now have all the tricks to highlight yourself, but remember that the most important thing is to feel good in your body and in your skin.



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