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Hello bodypositivism !

Hello bodypositivism !

We have all heard of the great fashionable movement "body positivism", which consists to accepts your body with all its imperfections. Today we explain why it is possible for you too to love you as you are.

We can already hear you questioning: "yeah positive body my a** ... Much easier to say than t do, when you have a small belly and a growing double chin! "

Yeah OK, that's for sure, you're not really on the way to body acceptance ... But keep calm, you're not the only one, and moreover, if we listen, we all want to change someting on our body ! So, just for you today, we give our great arguments to help you find the way to your personal balance.

First we will teach you someting crazy, the breaking news of the year: the absolute skinny size is totally has-been!

Do not panic, you're not dreaming, and what you just read is real.

No, but seriously, who said you had to be skinny like a nail to be attractive? And if that were true, then how could Nikki Minaj have seduced Meek Mill? My darling, for your good, never forget this: roundness is SO FEMININE. Hey ladies, it's high time to say stop bullshits and hello to reality! The stereotypes of beauty, it's so cliché!

So we are going on our second point: Hallelujah we don't have all the same body shape !

Imagine them, our poor guys, if they did not even have the right to enjoy the Beyonce's glutes, a Pamela-style chest or Eva Longoria small size... They would be so unfortunate!

And you, you don't like to have the choice ?

So let's go to the third point of our argument: DRACONIAN REGIMES ARE SO HAS BEEN !!

After all this time spent trying to have a perfect body from every angle, do not tell us that you still have not understood that:

1- You do perpetually yoyo dieting and it's really bad for your little body that you're trying to preserve ...

2- By concentrating on your little belly, you deprive yourself of all the beautiful pleasures of life.You can admit that since you started your super diet based on dry bread and water, you only think about eating tapas and mini cheeseburgers.

3- You are so busy comparing yourself, that you just forgot to live. Waky waky, should we still remind you that you are the only mistress of your well-being and balance? With all the frustration you inflict on yourself, how can you hope to be fulfilled and well in your sneakers?

Attention, we are not telling you to do the tour of American burgers chains every week ... But don’t you think that letting go on your body is also learning to live better, in peace with you, and thus to accept yourself as you really are?

Stop looking for perfection and find your balance. You will see how liberating it is to stop setting limits on our freedom.

Finally, and just because we want you to love you as much as we love you pretty reader, here is the biggest of our secrets well kept: it's good because we are imperfect and different that we are so beautiful and unique in the eyes of others.

What do you mean? You already knew it? Well, I do not understand, what keeps you from being a positive girl? ?


We would like to thank the author of this article Camille Mouchot, as well as the talented illustrator Cindy Bouquet @un_confetti_sur_internet for allowing us to use her drawings to illustrate the article.



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