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Collection Back to school

Collection Back to school

For this fall 2020, we have decided to launch our back to school collection which is our very first range of sportswear suitable for a daily lifestyle. For this collection , we wanted to design and propose some clothes that are infused with our brand DNA and that will continue to sublimate you and give you the self-confidence you need every time you wear it! As the launch is on Saturday, we will be able to propose the wonder poulette polo dress and the useful colour block windbreaker.

RThe Wonder Poulette Polo Dress

With the reign of the sportswear trend, the polo dress is a timeless basic that underlines perfectly all feminine curves and sizes and provides confidence, elegance, and comfort for sport and daily. Furthermore, the dress can be worn in different seasons and in different ways. The classic look that goes with the dress is the sportswear one. Wear a pair of modern sneakers and Voilà! To opt for a rock style, you can pair it with a leather jacket, ankle boots and a small studded bag. For a BCBG look, you can wear the dress with canvas sneakers and ankles socks. Finally, for a sober feminine look, you can pair the wonder dress with a jean jacket or small city shoes or wedges.To ensure you the comfort, flexibility, and style, we have decided to make the polo dress 100 % in cotton. Indeed, cotton gives it a light and supple appearance suitable for sport. It also allows you to dress without worrying about transparency problems despite the white colour (#nobra) the embroidery which gives the trendy side to the dress is produced in our Lyon’s workshop. .

Colour Block Windbreaker

A windbreaker is a must-have for being trendy in the mid-season or the gym. Still in the sportswear category, we wanted to create a windbreaker that will be stylish for your sportswear and for your daily outfits. We have chosen to make the windbreaker one of our strong pieces of the collection by adding a fashionable strong colour as yellow to break the classic touch of the black and white classic look. Moreover, the colour black style has been trending on catwalks for several seasons. It is a windbreaker that you can wear in festivals with ankle boots of vintage jeans for a casual look. It is a nice water-repellent windbreaker that you can use for any occasion!We thought about comfort, protection, and style for this water-repellent windbreaker. So, we decided to make it 100 % polyester construction with topstitching on all seams. We put on a double polyester hood, a mesh lining and side pockets with zips. Finally, the fine embroidery is entirely made in France. As many elements as possible to make sure you are comfortable, trendy, and sublime! So, ladies don’t wait or hesitate, come, and discover our new collection back to school sportswear and daily lifestyle for more Girl Power!


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