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Les dernières tendances mode pour 2018

Les dernières tendances mode pour 2018

What are the color trends for the upcoming year ?

Even though white remains in a very good position as an upcoming trend in 2018, pastels and flashy colors should invade our dressing rooms shortly. A combination of red, pink, orange or even yellow tones will be the secret to be in the latest fashion! We agree that some of these combinations were banished for a long time but you have understand that 2018 is the year where everything becomes possible. Tones from light blue to green should also be a hit!

Start daring !

2018 reveals to be under the sign of femininity and sensuality. Indeed, sexy materials such as leather, satiny fabrics or transparent tulle are honored. Ladies, let’s not be shy, original patterns such as a Picasso prints must be tried.

The timelesses…

Asymmetric cuts, bare shoulders and jeans fabrics will remain this year as an needed asset for your wardrobe. Flowery patterns and flounces will give you an endless effect of lightness.

Les Poulettes Fitness’s new collection.

Our new collection would then be inspired by these new trends so that you will be at the tip of fashion at your gym! We count on you to tell us what are your favorites trends to come. Who knows? Your opinion will maybe influence us !

Blog post by Lauren Deslarzes for Les Poulettes Fitness


  • Avatar
    janv. 11, 2018

    Lauren merci pour tes conseils. Super article un plaisir à lire et hate de voir le printemps arriver

  • Avatar
    mai 30, 2018

    Merci beaucoup pour le conseil, ils seront d\'une grande aide pour moi. Au fait, connaissez-vous la marque

  • Avatar
    oct. 23, 2020




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