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A quel moment dois-je faire du sport ?

A quel moment dois-je faire du sport ?

A day is a long time. We’ve got 24 hours to train so you might as well wisely choose your moment! Here, at the henhouse, we all train at a different time, daily or not. To choose yours, we’re going to give you some criteria to find YOUR perfect time.

In the morning

The morning is nice. The air is cool; you just wake up so you haven’t piled stress up yet. The only worry is that you need to be a morning person to realize all of these. Luckily, you can become one! The ideal is to drink a big glass of water, to warm-up, and then to do a small session of 20 to 45 minutes. By the way, we advise you to do some researches about the Miracle Morning, which aims to “transform your life before 8am” and includes a training session for you own good! The morning is a good time for your session if you want to lose weight, become stronger or get better sleep (at least for the upcoming nights).

During your lunch break

We too often say “well yeah I’d like to get into sports, for real, but I really don’t have the time”. So, to your our working girl, who chills at your lunch break wondering when you could settle your sport session, take this chance. You probably have at least half an hour ahead, it would be a shame not to take advantage out of it. The ideal at noon is to practice a sport neither too intensive nor not enough, for about 30 to 45 minutes, in order to work on your endurance. You can then follow up with your lunch, which calories will be easily burn thanks to your session.

As an afterwork

Afterwork is each to his own. There are the ones who go back to their homes and crawl up on their couches, the ones who go straight to the bar and the ones who head up to the gym. Well, it will be hard to combine the first two options, but who said sport and then going out for a drink wasn’t serious? Not us, for sure! When you go out from work, you probably want to release all the pressure you’ve accumulated during the day, and to let off steam. And for that, training is perfect! Moreover, there are so many collective classes during afterwork hours. And you’ll be all relaxed for the mojito that’s waiting for your afterwork-out!

On the evening

Once again, it’ll help you unwind and let go of all the day’s stress. Moreover, you will have had all day to warm-up so no need to take as much time for it as you would in the morning. You’d better choose calm exercises such as yoga or stretching. The problem is you mustn’t get too excited in order not to ruin your night. And you’ve got to stick to it (a drink can become a late meal real quick). But of course this depends on your life rhythm! The important is that it is beneficial for you!



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