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Les bienfaits de la natation

Les bienfaits de la natation

Summer is finally coming! We get back to temperatures above 70°F and we missed it. We’re going to rediscover everything we’ve been deprived during winter: terraces, sandals, but above all THE SWIMMINGPOOL! By the way, we too often neglect swimming but it’s really a mix of pleasures. Swimming is a sport full of benefits for…

Your body

Getting in the swimming pool is a great gift for your body. Firstly, you reinforce EVERY muscle of your body, and this easily as your weight is reduced of 80% in the water. Moreover, there are so many kinds of swim strokes you can alternate depending on the muscles you want to favor (lucky them!). Also, it will make you have a better posture and more flexibility. This is kind of the do-it-all sport! Keep in mind that you’re burning a lot of calories while toning up your body. Your dream booty and zero sponginess goal are yours! Your blood circulation will also thank you, as alternating between contracting and relaxing, and with the pressure and fresh effect of water, you do it a huge favor. And, as you probably know, there are way less risks of getting hurt than if you were doing acrobatic gymnastics!

Your heart and lungs

We just said it but swimming muscles all your… muscles, and what is also a muscle? Your heart, of course! And this is damn convenient to have a strong heart. You will have less risks of having heart failures or other cardiovascular problems, which is a really good plea to head up straight to the pool, right now! And, just next to your heart, your lungs will also find new happiness. Because when you’re swimming, you become a breathing expert, especially by developing a good rhythm of inhaling-exhaling. This is ideal, especially when you have some breathing problems such as asthma. You will then be able to proudly tell your girlfriends your new nickname: golden lung!

Your mind

Being in a pool is, for many of us, clearly more pleasant than going to lock yourself up in a small gym. First of all, you can do a lot of things in a pool: dive in it like a mermaid, copy Michael Phelps’ crawl, or splash your girlfriends with a super bomb dive! This is not a boring activity in which you have to repeat 50 times the same movement. Moreover, you’re rarely alone in a swimming pool so it’s the perfect opportunity to unwind with your friends and make the most of it to laugh. This way, you relax from all the stress you accumulated during the week, releasing a maximum of endorphins. And who here can tell that the massaging effect and the weightlessness feeling are unpleasant ? Nobody (at least, we hope)!

And even your wallet

If there’s one thing you can easily find in a town, it’s a public pool (if you don’t have THE friend who generously accepts to lend here pool for the afternoon). In the USA, there are more than 360k public pools that stay open all year, and more than 480 in the UK. No less! A quick Google search and you can be in one of them an hour from now. And, admission and subscription prices are really reasonable, especially if you’re going to your town’s pool, so you may enjoy it as well (it’ll always be cheaper than constructing your own pool)! And of course we don’t forget the sea (hello there to our coasts and islands friends) and lakes in which you can, of course… swim FOR FREE!


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