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Une bonne nutrition pour une meilleure performance

Une bonne nutrition pour une meilleure performance

It is often said that nutrition plays at 50% during a sports effort. Indeed whatever the sport that you have chosen to practice it is important to keep a healthy lifestyle in parallel and in particular about your diet here is a short article to introduce you to the best methods of nutrition to get a good sports performance.

1. Fetish foods

In this section will obviously be mentioned all foods such as vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber in vitamins and low in sugars and calories harmful for your training.Excellent natural food supplements are recommended before, during and even after your workout: nuts are part of those foods that should become favorites for you because they are rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus iron and protein ... while remaining low fat foods. They allow you a better recovery while avoiding the feeling of hunger that one may feel after a training a little intensive.The fruits for their part will also be very recommended but rather in the morning so that the vitamins allow you to wake up and get in shape. Be careful not to abuse the evening before bedtime because their sugar content could disrupt your metabolism.Whatever your sport, focus your diet around vitamins and proteins that will allow your muscles to grow. We often hear about athletes who consume mostly turkey breast or chicken to achieve their protein goals, but they can also be found in large quantities in legumes such as lentils, chick peas, soy or beans. Also think of wheat, rice and rye, your best allies for a good sports diet. Do not forget probiotic foods to help your intestines. Finally do not skimp especially on dairy products that strengthen your bones and give you more strength during a workout. So remember to consume regularly yogurt or milk. In addition to being fresh and enjoyable to eat they help you strengthen your skeleton overall.

2. Foods to avoid

Obviously in this category we could review all the foods that contain fast sugars such as sweets, pastries or fast foods that are recommended to be banned or at least reduce their consumption to the maximum. The same is true for industrial prepared meals where sandwiches on the go, which for their part contain a lot of salt. This type of diet will tend to make you feel more tired heavier and go against your sports efforts. Of course, be careful not to fall from one extreme to the other by switching from a traditional feeding phase to overly restrictive methods. It's important to keep having fun while eating! Also do not hesitate to allow you a cheat meal a week, keeping in mind your efforts so you do not ruin everything. It's all about balancing healthy eating with pleasure.

3. Vitamins: the basis of a good diet

Mainly present in fruits, vitamin and especially vitamin C is the undisputed ally of athletes. It is found mainly in fruits such as papaya or kiwi but also in oranges and even peppers. Do not hesitate to prepare fruit juice to avoid the maximum snacking during the day. These smoothies and fruit juices will allow you to feel full and awake thanks to the benefits of fruits without needing a meal in itself.

4. How to eat properly

  • Cook yourself

While this may seem like a detail, cooking yourself will allow you to precisely manage your portions and know exactly what you are eating. What's more, it will allow you to prepare your brain for the fact that you are going to sit down and improve your metabolism and your digestion. Indeed meals must be priced regularly and a time must be granted as all other activities. Take time to eat and focus on what you are doing. Avoid watching screens while eating or being in a noisy environment.

  • Eat light and several times a day

Good nutrition also means regular nutrition. You are advised instead that three large meals a day taken quickly to take your time and cook in advance and so spread out the number of meals in the day up to 5 times a day with smaller portions and easier to assimilate for your body. So favor a light and regular diet rather than a few big meals during the day.

  • Watch the labels

It can not be said enough but good nutrition firstly requires a good choice of food, so do not hesitate to take a little more time during your shopping to scrutinize the labels and inform you about the energy intake of each selected food.

5. The bio, a plus for the health of athletes

More and more popular in our supermarkets, organic is no longer an exception for some wealthy consumers! Take this opportunity to emphasize natural and untreated natural products. All the care you put in choosing and preparing your meals is an integral part of a healthy diet.

Here are some examples to adapt your diet to your physical performance. As you will understand, everything is a question of balance, time and effort in the long term. It is therefore mainly about getting into a certain state of mind, such as a virtuous circle in order to favor foods such as fruits and vegetables, keeping in mind your final objective while avoiding food traps.

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