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10 bonnes raisons pour ne pas se maquiller tous les jours

Did you know that makeup appeared 100,000 years before our era? It was used by both women and men and was mainly used to protect against the sun and insects or to create a hierarchy between members of the same tribe. Widely used during Egypt and ancient Greece, especially during rituals, modern make-up really became popular in the 1920s, thanks to cinema.

Today, make-up is found everywhere, mainly for a female target group. Faced with the diktats of beauty, going out without make-up has become, for many women, a challenge. For Poulettes, naturalness is in the spotlight. That's why, in this article, we're going to give you 10 good reasons not to wear makeup every day.

Your body will be healthier

Have you ever looked at the makeup components? Most of them contain many substances that are harmful to the skin. Intensive make-up every day can have negative consequences on your skin.

On the one hand, by clogging the pores of your face, which will prevent your skin from breathing and therefore from being luminous. On the other hand, by weakening your eyelashes and any other part of your face. If you use makeup to hide pimples, it's not the best solution. Or try to use non-comedogenic products. Indeed, make-up will accentuate the size of your pimples which will not be able to dry naturally.

By reducing your make-up consumption, you will quickly notice the beneficial effects of naturalness: your lashes will grow faster and be much more resistant than before. Your skin will no longer be dull and its pigment will regulate itself. In addition, you will see that your pimples will be less visible.

You make a gesture for the planet

Just like your skin, makeup is harmful to the planet. Indeed, its high production generates a lot of pollution and the substances used are not healthy for nature when released.

In addition, make-up is often packaged in a lot of packaging, which damages biodiversity. According to figures from an IPSOS study, from 2018, 175,000 tonnes of packaging thrown away in France per year comes from cosmetics and hygiene products. A very disproportionate figure when you consider that only 55% of French people say they sort their bathroom product packaging. Not to mention the number of make-up thrown away because it has not been used for a long time or dried out.

By wearing less make-up, you are helping to save our planet. This may seem futile, but if everyone reduces their consumption of cosmetics or turns to zero waste make-up, it would be a great step forward for biodiversity.

You remain natural, as you are: a good way to accept yourself and say no to the dictates of beauty

Maybe you wear makeup to avoid judgments because you have trouble accepting yourself? If you've read our article on the body Positive, know that this point could have been included. Indeed, by avoiding daily make-up, you stay natural and it is one of the best ways to learn to accept yourself as you are. You say "no" to the diktats of beauty.
Don't think that others will judge you because you're not wearing makeup. At first, it may seem shocking if you are used to having makeup every day, both for yourself and others. But over time, you'll see that your natural beauty will quickly take over.

You'll save time

We're not going to lie to each other, makeup can sometimes take time. In the morning, you can delay waking up if you don't wear makeup. What a joy to enjoy 30 minutes more or even 10 minutes for the fastest. Just like at night, how many times have you said, "oh, I still have to remove my makeup" before going to sleep? This moment, sometimes longer than the make-up itself. After a long day, make-up removal is sometimes a challenging step in your daily skin cleansing. You probably have no idea how much time you'd save by staying without makeup.

You can rub your face or face the rain without risk

Have you ever experienced that moment when you get itchy nose? Or the one where you have an eyelash in your eye? But that it's impossible for you to fix this problem because you spent an hour getting ready for the perfect complexion and eyes? We knew him too.

A huge advantage of not wearing makeup is that you can rub your eyes as much as you want, scratch your cheek quietly and face the storm without being afraid of ending up with panda eyes. It is an incomparable feeling of well-being to be able to do what you want without being blocked by cosmetic substances.

Tu fais une économie d’argent incroyable

Beauty products are expensive. You may not realize it, but you spend a lot of money every month on cosmetics. Between the products you use every day that empty quickly and those that, on the contrary, you throw away because they are unusable after all the time they have been in the closet. If you wear less makeup, you'll make money. And with these savings, you can buy other things that are more important or useful to you.

You'll save a little space.

Even if cosmetics products are often minimalist, the accumulation of all these little things takes up space. Haven't you already piled bottles and make-up bags on your shelves or in your closets? Imagine the space you would gain by having half as much makeup? You could finally have a properly tidied bathroom, with room to place towels in addition to or even mirrors. Even in your suitcase, when you go on vacation, you can add at least 4 outfits instead of your big toilet bag filled with cosmetics. No more head shots on the 100 ml maximum to catch the plane. Pretty tempting, isn't it?

If you meet someone you like, you'll look the same in the morning.

Have you ever feared the moment when you were going to show yourself without make-up in front of this person you like so much and that you have only recently met? Without makeup, you don't feel this apprehension or so. You look the same all day long: from morning to night. And what a pleasure to hear a person say "you are beautiful, I like you" when you have no tricks on you.
You should also know that a recent study by the University of Bangor, Wales, found that the vast majority of men prefer women when they wear an average of 40% less make-up.

You reduce stains on clothes

You put on your new white shirt, you're ready to go and then you realize you've stained the collar with your foundation. And ow, a little lipstick on the sleeve while sneezing. Everything to have a bad day.

The makeup job happened faster than we thought. A real ordeal to make it disappear, dozens of stain removers bought, hours of lost time rubbing the trace, to finally not succeed and no longer be able to wear his new shirt. This is a good reason to stop "facade renovation" as they say. Not wearing make-up means reducing the number of tasks (because yes, we know you can still get a chocolate stain)

You see the difference when you put on your makeup and you can enjoy putting on your own makeup

The good thing about never wearing makeup is that when you do it, it's because you really want to, it's a moment that makes you happy. And with a quick brush stroke, you can change your appearance easily.
You will really see the difference and so will the others. Your skin, which will already be improved by having been able to breathe without make-up for a long time, will be embellished by the rare touch of make-up you will bring. Your makeup will look much more radiant if you do it only occasionally.

We do not advise you to stop applying make-up permanently. On the contrary! Make-up can give you self-confidence, can make you look good. In this article, we give you some positive points to reduce its use of cosmetics. The important thing is that you feel good about yourself, no longer listen to judgments and life for yourself. With this philosophy, you will be able to do what you want, without having to worry about it. You'll feel much better!


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    mai 21, 2019

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