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Découvrez notre nouvelle collection de maillots de bain !

Découvrez notre nouvelle collection de maillots de bain !

Summer is coming, you will soon be walking on the hot sand and sunbathing on the edge of water in a bathing suit. To celebrate the arrival of summer, Les Poulettes finally reveal their all new project: a swimsuit collection featuring the brand's flagship designs as well as a new one.

The birth of the swimsuit

The first outfit, like a swimsuit, appeared around 1850, when the Normandy beaches were invaded by the French aristocracy. At that time, according to good morals, women had to conceal their body as much as possible with clothes such as baggy pants up to the knees, wide-sleeved shirts with short sleeves, stockings, a hat ... At that time, stripping on the beach was perceived by society as immoral and unhygienic. However, thanks to the emergence of nautical activities, bathing suits will gradually develop but will not fully discover the body. The one-piece swimsuit was born in 1905, when Australian swimming champion Annette Kellerman dared to wear a one-piece swimsuit on a beach in Boston for the first time. She considered the swimsuit more practical and suitable for swimming. Over the years the swimsuit will be democratized which will cause it to change shape. In 1946, Louis Réard presents in France the first two-piece model that will arouse much criticism but also a certain fascination on the part of women. During the 20th century, the swimsuit was heavily instrumentalized by women in order to emancipate themselves and freely emit their desires without worrying about the male gaze and the demands imposed by men. Today the swimsuit has become an unmarked piece, which is almost indignant. Women are free to choose the shape, the material, the patterns and the colors they want, as well as the swimsuit in which they are confident.

Why did we create this collection ?

We wanted to expand our range by offering our first line of swimsuits. For us, the swimsuit is a unique and essential part of the wardrobe. It allows to sublimate the body of women and help them to assert themselves by wearing a garment that highlights their curves.Our swimsuits have been made in such a way that they are of remarkable quality and comfort so that they can accompany you throughout the summer. Our original swimsuits have been designed to adapt both to the sports practices of each but they are also perfect for the beach. Each summer, the swimsuit must meet the requirements of women, it must satisfy each of them, whether in terms of shape, colors or even patterns it sports. We have therefore developed a unique piece that will sublimate your morphology and meet your expectations. Summer is a complex time for many women, so we want all women to feel good and beautiful in their swimsuits.

The presentation of our swimsuits

N Our swimsuits one piece slightly indented, reveal a neck plunging in the back and sublimate the silhouette thanks to a flat belly effect. We want to highlight all the morphologies while feminizing this classic and timeless piece. For this first collection of swimsuits, we decided to print them with the key patterns of the leggings and brassieres collection: matisse, daisy or flamingos. However, we created a brand new pattern specifically dedicated to our swimsuits: the wax model.

The wax is a printed cotton fabric thanks to a wax technique. He was inspired by the pattern of fabrics called "batik" that was reproduced by African mercenaries in Indonesia in the Dutch colonies. When they returned home, the mercenaries brought back the "batik" fabric, which was a great success. The Dutch and the English began to reproduce in mass a similar fabric which they later called the "wax fabric". Following this craze, Africans will create their own production plants and the wax fabric will become an emblem of African culture. Il existe différents tissus « wax » qui se différencient les uns des autres par leurs motifs, leurs couleurs et leur qualité d’impression. There are different "wax" fabrics that differ from each other in their patterns, colors and print quality. Each wax motif has a special meaning, it can be linked to an event, a memory, or even to a specific emotion. It represents a real language for the people who make it. It is a popular motive today that many brands are trying to produce. We were inspired by the traditional wax motif "leaves of okra" by adding inside the leaves a gradient of red and orange color reminding the heat of summer. Then, we feminized the pattern by assembling white dots on the edges of the leaves and incorporating a royal blue background highlighting the contrast between the different leaves.

Warning !

Very few sizes are available per pattern, if you like the model no longer delays and order quickly your swimsuit Les Poulettes. We hope that the models will please you and we look forward to seeing you with your new swimsuit. Do not forget to tag us on our Instagram account!

If you also want to be the most beautiful Poulette this summer. Come discover our brand new swimsuit collection.


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