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Les indispensables dans le sac à main d'une Poulette

Les indispensables dans le sac à main d'une Poulette

Our handbag, object of all desires, contains all our intimacy and knows our little secrets. It changes with the seasons and with the collections, but it never leaves us. We carry a part of ourselves in our purse and that is why we must take care of it and never forget it. These are the few essentials that a chick must put in her purse..

Go for a little pocket!

For those who change their handbag often, for those who are fed up with tote bags where nothing is ever found, we have the solution. Opt for a small pocket containing your credit card, your identity papers and your public transport card ... In short, everything you can not do without. Super easy to use, it will really simplify your life and you can even use various pocket to compartmentalize your purse. But even if you are full of good will and determined to end the handbags in shambles, do not forget that the natural quickly comes back! So take care of it regularly. We have found for you the pretty Yayou pockets made in France and very feminine.

The Hygiene and Health Kit

After carefully storing your various cards, think of small items that you may need regularly. Take some tissues, a small bottle of water, tampons and / or sanitary napkins. For the more cautious one, also put your pill pack, some meds for abdominal pain or migraine and a lip balm in your bag.

The Beauty Kit

Because a modern woman wants to be confident and seductive, here are some beauty accessories not to forget in her bag! To be at your best in any situation, it is not in question to take with you all your paraphernalia but to have just enough to quickly be beautiful. So try to have on you: a powder of sun to give pep's to your complexion in a jiffy, a sample of your perfume (they often offer some on them in the shops of cosmetics, do not hesitate to ask!), a mini mascara and a gloss / lipstick. Also remember to take a miniature deodorant and retractable brush with an elastic band or pliers.

The Mom Kit

After becoming a mom a lot of things in your life change, including your handbag. If you have children, other objects become indispensable. Indeed, as soon as you go out with your children it is better to bring with you: cleaning wipes because children have the gift of getting dirty very quickly, a snack in case of hunger, pencils or any other hobby to make them wait quietly.

Now you are prepared as best as possible and ready to face all that a day can prepare you!



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