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Miracle morning : l'avenir appartient à celles qui se lèvent tôt !

Miracle morning : l'avenir appartient à celles qui se lèvent tôt !

To get up earlier to be happier ... And if the key to happiness and success was in this new resolution? It's the discovery that has changed the life of Hal Elrod as well as that of thousands of readers. You must have heard of Hal Elrod's book "The Miracle Morning"! So, if you too wish to be happier and realize your dreams, all you have to do is improve your level of personal development each morning.

What are the six Savers ?

For a successful Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod proposes to follow the "Six Savers":

  • Enjoy the silence to focus on your breathing and try to meditate
  • Repeating positive affirmations and emphasizing qualities to build self-confidence
  • To visualize one's goal to reach, to project oneself, to imagine oneself in the future
  • Practice a sport (yoga, gym, running ...)
  • Read targeted books based on goals to reach
  • Write a diary to transcribe your thoughts, emotions and ideas It is advisable to practice one of these exercises for 10 minutes minimum. Patience! The Miracle Morning method is only effective if you practice it regularly and in the long term.

Does it work ?

The effects are long to be felt ... but they are very real! In the morning, we take the time to remember who we are, what we want to be and why. We feel zen and ready to face our day! Little by little, you will see that small annoyances of everyday life will be rare: you learn to take a step back on the situation, you are less on edge.

And sleep then ?

Dear chick, you've always known that sleep is good for you. It is recommended to sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day. That's why adopting a Miracle Morning goes with a good dose of sleep? So you can guess that the Miracle Morning is not suitable for everyone. If you are "evening", it will be harder for you to go to bed before 11pm. But nothing prevents you to test the method to see if you can draw some benefits!



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