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Les petites choses du quotidien qui rendent heureuse

Les petites choses du quotidien qui rendent heureuse

Sometimes the days seem to last indefinitely, they seem long and empty ... It is in these moments that we must remember all the little things of everyday life, these simple things that give us the feeling of being on a small cloud and make us happy. You're not sure ? Let's go for our list of 15 small pleasures of everyday life!

1. Put on a big sweet sweater after having been cold

Hmmm thinking about this big sweater not very beautiful but so comfortable, we can not wait to be in winter.

2. Receive a compliment from your lover or even from a stranger

It's a pleasure and gives back self-confidence to feel beautiful all day long!

3. Finish your sport session

Whenever we do spinning / RPM / cycling, we all say "I hate this sport". But staggering out of the gym, take a hot shower and slouching on his couch is so nice.

4. Licking the pan that was used to make chocolate mousse

After a sport session it's even better!

5. Go out and realize that the weather is nice outside

Oh miracle when the sun decides to point the tip of its nose after several days of bad weather.

6. Stretching

Ideal when getting up to start the day right or after a long day sitting at a desk.

7. See that your entire To-Do list is crossed out

We all know this feeling of accomplished work synonymous with well-deserved relaxation.

8. Remove your bra at the end of the day

Finally free !

9. Hearing a music on the radio that fills us with memories

You know, this music from your high school years, the one you've been partying on, danced and flirted. Even if the weather is not good, it will give you energy!

10.Find money that had been forgotten in an old jacket

Even if it is only a few coins, it instantly gives the impression of having won the lottery (it also works if you find money on the floor).

11. Hear: "you would not have thinned a little?", when we just come out of Christmas

We admit that it does not happen very often, but the idea is pleasant.

12. The cocooning days when it rains (with the combo: bed-computer-snack)

Everyone LOVES those gray days when we are so well in our bed.

13. Fall back on old photos

Nostalgia when you hold us ... Who has never spent hours flipping through old photo albums?

14. Plug in your phone JUST when 1% battery remains

It must be confessed, in these moments we see ourselves as bosses.

15. Slip under fresh sheets

Probably the best feeling in the world, especially after a tiring day when we were really hot!

And here are a few things that make us happy everyday. Of course everyone has a different list but it makes us realize that finally it is enough to make us happy. And now go righting your list so you can read it again in due course. Smile guaranteed!



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