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4 astuces pour éviter la proscrastination

4 astuces pour éviter la proscrastination

Get organized !

You can do a to-do-List and, if you're creative, you can even start a Bullet journal: It's a very personalized kind of diary! You can record all the actions you have to carry out, prioritize them and schedule a time for each task. You are advised to overestimate the duration of a task in order to avoid disappointment, which might discourage you.

Find some starters !

Try to spot a beginning ritual that will become an automatism! For example, you can store your desk, serve a cup of coffee, or stretch like a cat. These preliminary tasks will facilitate the move to action. We also advise you to identify the moments when you are the most productive in the day.

Stop the distractions !

Shut down or turn off your phone whenever possible and give yourself defined moments to take a look. If you can't stop surfing the net when you work on the computer, you can download an application that blocks access to some (if not all) Internet sites for a period of time you can choose.

Use the 2-minute rule!

If the task to be performed takes less than two minutes, take care of it now! This is what David Allen advises in his book Getting things Done. In general, from the moment you start doing something for two minutes, it's easier to keep busy. So the hardest is to get started! For example, if you have a long file to write, start by writing a sentence, then a you will see that you will arrive at the end of the page without realizing it! In the same way, when you read a book: You tell yourself that you are going to read just one page and before you even realize it, you will have read 3 chapters!


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