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Le mouvement du Body positive

Le mouvement du Body positive

The "Positive Body" is a current that aims to help women to accept themselves as they are, and to learn to love each other, far from the diktats of today's society.

What is it ?

The movement for the body positivism was born on social networks. By dint of seeing images of the ideal body that do not resemble them, women have had enough. I'm sick of the complexes, the diktats, the quest for an impossible-to-reach ideal. Based on the premise that each body is different, many people have decided to advocate for self-acceptance. Being body-posi means learning to love your body, and accepting it as it is.

The fight against body shaming

The movement of the "body positive" comes against that of "body shaming". This is to make fun of the body or a physical peculiarity of a person. The purpose of this practice is simply to publicly humiliate a woman or a man merely on the pretext that he is different.

The limits of the movement

But for some, the movement that was meant to be benevolent ends up being only a permanent injunction to love his body. But to move from the detestation of its forms to the total acceptance of its stretch marks or drooping breasts, there is a sometimes-difficult course to cross. We now see another movement that is more nuanced: the "body neutrality". The neutrality of the body is to accept that certain days, we love his body and that other days, confidence can fall back. It is a matter of integrating that there will be ups and downs and that releasing the pressure against his physique can have only positive consequences.



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