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Sophrologie oui, mais encore.

Sophrologie oui, mais encore.

Sophrology a technique to train body and mind to be more serene and feel better. This technique is based on relaxation and breathing to help people who wish to live better and feel more relaxed. It is also an excellent tool for personal development. Sophrology sounds cool but what is it in fact and how to practice it ?


With small breathing exercises, sophrology allows people with sleep disorders or sleeping problems to feel more relaxed and serene to promote the sleep phase.

Of course, sophrology is not the miracle solution.we must also work on the causes that generate these sleep disorders.


With visualization and breathing exercises, sophrology helps to fight stress. It allows you to better manage your emotions, since it is a work on the cause of the problem. It teaches us how to deal with stressful situations, such as the pressure of work or an incident more or less.

For high-level athletes or performance personalities, sophrology allows them to manage a stage entry or a competition.


Pain occurs most of the time when our body is in pain. But sometimes they are symptoms created by our mind to say "stop" to a harmful environment.

Sophrology soothes pain but does not make it disappear by creating a new balance between body and mind.

To do a sophrology session, you have to be in a quiet place. You can put on incense or scented candles, and a relaxing music background. You can sit on a couch or on a yoga mat in a suit.

A breathing technique

Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Once our heart rate is stable and our mind is more relaxed, we visualize a white feather.

We take a deep breath and watch the pen rise. Then a slow exhalation until we empty our lungs, visualizing the feather coming down. We repeat this breathing until our body is completely relaxed and our mind is lighter.

A visual technique

We think of a "magic" place, a safe place. For some people, it can be the sea, the mountains, or a holiday home. And we think of a word describing this place.

When you are in a stressful environment or experiencing an anxious moment, visualize your "magic" place, focus on it and repeat the word 3 times describing it. It is the best way to relax and escape from the harmful environment.


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