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Exercices pour perdre des bras

Exercices pour perdre des bras

Some areas of the body are more difficult to work out than others. The arms are in many women the part of the body and the hardest to strengthen. To avoid the bat under the arms effect, here is a circuit of 4 exercises to do minimum 3 times a week, if you want a quick conclusive result. One or two 1 litre water bottles or dumbbells of at least 1 kg are required for greater efficiency.

Dumbbell sides lateral Raise

This exercise allows to work the arms but also the shoulders. For this exercise we will need a dumbbell or bottle of water in each hand. The position is upright, legs slightly flexed. The arms are on the side along the body. We keep our shoulders steady and low. Head should be straight. The dumbbells are raised with arms outstretched to Shoulder height and gently lowered. We repeat the movement 25 times.

Biceps Curl

This arm exercise, as its name implies, allows to work the biceps. You will need to bring a dumbbell or bottle of water in each hand. The starting position remains the same as in the previous fiscal year. The arms are in front of the thighs. We raise the forearms at shoulder height and control the descent. We repeat the movement 25 times.

Triceps Extension

It's an exercise to work on the triceps. A dumbbell or a bottle of water is sufficient for this exercise. Same starting position as previous years. The dumbbell is held at arm's length above the head. We lower the arms behind the head, control the descent. We rehearse the exercise 20 times.


To finish the circuit, we end with a cladding exercise. In the Board position, arms outstretched or on the elbows, the 30sec position is held . The further one progresses in the practice of this exercise, the more one increases the cladding time.


This session is beginner level. She and complete. This circuit is repeated 3 times. 30 seconds of breaks are allowed between each exercise and 1: 30 between each circuit. We're thinking about hydrating. Good Luck To The Chicks !


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