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Comment perdre son petit ventre

Comment perdre son petit ventre

Turkey, salmon, foie gras, Christmas log, chocolates ... After the endless Christmas meals, we overdose! And our poor little belly is all swollen.

Here are 4 exercises that can help you lose belly in 4 weeks:

  • The Plank : It is a question of maintaining your body by forming a straight line from the head to the heels, the support must be done only on the forearms and the tip of the feet. Once the position is adopted, you must contract the abdominal muscles and not let go until the end of the exercise.
  • Side Plank : Lie on your side and gently lift the pelvis with your hand or elbow. Raise the other hand to the sky. Keeps the alignment of the back, head and legs well.
  • Inverted Abdos : Stand on the palms of the hands and feet. Lift and slowly lower the pelvis by folding and bending the elbows.
  • Bust lift : Lie on your back. When lying down, raise the chest by stretching the arms forward. Do not forget to contract the abdominal muscles.

Week 1

  • Board: 25 secs
  • The right side panel: 25 secs
  • Inverse pairs: 3 times
  • The left side board: 25 secs
  • Bust lift: 3 times

Week 2

  • The board: 35 secs
  • The right side board: 35 secs
  • Inverse Abs: 6 times
  • The left sideboard: 35 secs
  • Bust lift: 6 times

Week 3

  • The board: 45 secs
  • The right sideboard: 45 secs
  • Inverse Abs: 9 times
  • The left sideboard: 45 secs
  • Bust lift: 9 times

Week 4

  • The board: 1 min
  • The right side panel: 1 min
  • Inverse pairs: 12 times
  • The left sideboard: 1 min
  • Bust lift: 12 times


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