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Winter is coming

Winter is coming

The cold is back and we all have one desire: to wrap in a plaid "pilou pilou" with a good hot chocolate ... True or false?   However, just because "winter is coming" does not mean that you have to be pampered! Moreover, it is precisely the perfect moment to start sculpting your body to be the most beautiful this summer! Yes, but then which sport? In this article we offer two types of sports, for those who are part of the indoor sports team and those of outdoor sports. So which one will you choose?

Inside Sport

It's the dance of the moment that makes the buzz. We are not going to lie, we all have already tried the famous dance of "Single Ladies". One hand on the hip, the other lifted like a diva and off to a furious hiccup. Do you also dream of learning to dance like our Queen B? So go for it! This course is for you: 2 hours of intense dance on the most famous music: Crazy in Love, Run The World (Girls) ...   The idea? to let off steam, to sweat but especially to feel sexy!

Outside Sport

Between skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, snowshoeing ... activities are not lacking and there is something for everyone! But this year, a brand new winter sport is appearing: the ski fitness! If you are early and you want to enjoy the ski slopes at sunrise, this sport should interest you! The principle? We go up the slopes in ski touring! Endurance and muscle building, the ski fitness is aimed at the most courageous because it is practiced before all skiers land on the slopes. Better not to be afraid to get up early ...

And for the less sporty, there is always the traditional ski bar: for those who are rather "raclette" but not very "rackets".

So, which sport will you try ?



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