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Nos astuces pour être au top cet été

Nos astuces pour être au top cet été

The winter ends and the excesses are felt? You think two months won't be enough to get back into shape? Don't panic! We have prepared a series of tips to make your life easier. Apply them every day and you'll see the effects appear quickly. No more good winter dishes, it is time to get back in hand and change your lifestyle to lose your extra pounds to be on top this summer.

Our advice

Eat properly

Pour être bien dans sa tête, il faut d’abord se sentir bien dans son corps. Pour perdre quelques kilo avant l’été il faudra d’abord changer ton alimentation. Mange à ta faim, ne consomme pas toujours la même chose et prends bien tes 3 repas par jour. Si tu ne sais pas quoi cuisiner ou vers quels aliments te tourner, il existe des alternatives. So shape te permettra de t’affiner ou garder la ligne sans effort. Le concept ? des repas complets, faibles en calories et t’apportant toutes les bonnes choses dont ton corps a besoin pour être en forme. C’est à toi de fixer tes propres objectifs et la durée de ton challenge. Tu es donc maître de ton challenge ! Avec ses nombreuses saveurs disponibles, tu pourras profiter de repas divers et variés. Pratique et rapide, so shape te permettra de retrouver ou garder la ligne tout en te régalant.

Moves and practises a sporting activity

The beautiful days come and the first rays of sunshine point at the end of their noses. So it's the right time to get back to the sport and get motivated. Needless to spend hours at the gym to refine or tone. If you like sport you will inevitably find your happiness in cycling, fitness or swimming. You are not a great sportsman? No problem. Walking is equally beneficial for the body, mind and heart. Try to walk at least 30 minutes a day to stay in shape. You just have to practice a regular sporting activity that pleases you. Don't forget to prioritize stairs to escalators!

Drink lots of water

Water is essential for the body since it brings many benefits and makes you in better shape. Your circulatory system, your kidneys and your digestive system need hydration to work properly. Water reduces the feeling of hunger and eliminates the bad fats your body doesn't need. When you hydrate properly your skin is much more bounted and plumped which allows to say goodbye to dull and grayed complexion. Wood between 1.5 and 2 liters of water every day to stay in full shape!..

Habits to ban

Deprive you

To deprive ourselves is a trap in which we have all fallen. It is essential to be happy from time to time not to crack and take back all the pounds that you have given so much trouble to eliminate. Having a drink with your girlfriends or having fun from time to time will not ruin all your efforts, so no need to deprive yourself. No food is directly growing, just consume them in reasonable quantities. In case of Craven, we advise you to opt for a fruit like the Apple that allows to cut the hunger or the snacks so shape. With pancakes, red berries or vanilla flavours, these offer you a moment of pleasure without blaming yourself.

Skipping meals

It has often been heard, skipping meals would be the miracle solution to lose weight. Big mistake! Skipping meals causes deficiencies, your body will not have enough energy to burn fat and keep you in shape all day. The more deprived your body, the more it stores the calories consumed, and that's not the goal. You always have to force yourself to eat something at the time of meals. If you are not hungry, opt for a light food or a fruit. Do not neglect breakfast: this is the most important meal of the day. You will have understood, if you wish to lose weight or keep the line it is essential to take your 3 meals a day..

Do not rest

Often forgotten, sleep is an important factor for the proper functioning of the body and body as it helps to strengthen the immune system. It is during the night that your body rests and regenerates itself. Even if sleep does not necessarily slim down, it avoids weight gain. Indeed, lack of sleep generates a hormone that stimulates appetite. To be in good shape and keep the line, change your sleep habits. Lie down early and at fixed time sleep at least 7:00 a night, your body will say thank you!

You now have the keys to attack the summer in beauty!



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