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Que faire de ses vieux vêtements ?

Que faire de ses vieux vêtements ?

Do you have any clothes you don't wear? Are they worn or hanging in the back of your closet? Give them a second life! In addition to being economical, sorting and recycling your old clothes will allow you to make a gesture for the planet. The overconsumption of clothing with a huge impact on ecology and the textile industry contributes greatly to environmental pollution. Whether they're in good or bad state, here are different ways to get rid of the clothes you don't want anymore.

Organizes or participates in vacuum-dressings

Here is a solution that will allow you to make room in your closets while earning a little money. If you wish to participate in a vacuum-dressing, check out the events organized near you. There are Facebook groups dedicated to vacuum dressings or the resale of clothing. You can also check with the Town Hall of your city on the next empty-attic organized near you. If you have time and motivation, you can arrange your own closet space yourself. Ask your friends and family to participate to collect as much clothing as possible. Think about not proposing clothes that are too worn, they will sell less well. If you wish, you can even swap your old clothes for new ones.

Internet and mobile applications :

Here is another easy and convenient solution to earn some money by sorting in your clothes. There are a lot of applications and websites that allow you to sell your old clothes or even to buy new ones. For example, Vinted is a sales, donation and Exchange platform that allows you to sell your old clothes near you thanks to geolocation and all over France by mail. If you have luxury parts, the wardrobe collective application is a perfect alternative. You can sell or buy luxury bags, shoes and clothing safely. Anyway, make sure to do a nice photo with a nice light to showcase the clothes, it will sell more easily.

Charitable organizations

Charitable organizations are the best way to free up space in your Dresser while making a gesture for the most needy. They sell the collected items in order to disburse funds to finance various actions or distribute them directly to those who need them. So think about not giving parts in too bad condition, they will probably be postponed afterwards! Thanks to the associations, you can get rid of your clothes, your shoes, your bags and even furniture you don't want anymore. As for the choice of Association, there is no shortage! The Red Cross, the people's aid, or Emmaus, find the one closest to you to drop off all the objects that are cluttering you. You can also put your clothes in the containers near you, they will then be sorted and redistributed.


If none of the previous solutions is right for you and you are manual enough, you can customize or personalize the clothes you don't want or you're tired of. Turn an old dress to the motif that pleases you in pillowcase to decorate your apartment or bandana to accessorize your outfits. Do you have jeans you don't want to wear? cuts it and transforms it into shorts. Use your t-shirts or shirts too wide as a dress or skirt for the summer. You can find many DIY on YouTube or on dedicated websites. With a little material, technique and especially imagination, you can create beautiful original and unique pieces.

Now you have to choose the solution that suits you. And most importantly, think about sorting your clothes regularly!



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