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La spiruline, cette algue aux multiples bienfaits

La spiruline, cette algue aux multiples bienfaits

According to Unesco, spirulina is "the ideal and most complete food of tomorrow". It is one of the most effective dietary supplements on the market and its benefits are directly felt on the body. If you also want to know what is this magic food that revolutionizes our plates, this article is for you.

Where does spirulina come from ?

Spirulina is a microscopic algae, commonly called microalgae. 3 billion years old, we often forget that it is a bacterium first and foremost. But the bacteria are not well seen, his name was popularized at the end of "microalgae". Spirulina is the food of the future that must begin to consume now. Its culture is eco-friendly: it uses very little water, no chemicals, no pesticides and GMOs. She needs a lot of warmth and light to grow. It is grown mainly in hot countries such as Mexico or India but it can also be grown in France if these conditions are reproduced..

A bit of history

During the discovery of Central America, the Europeans met the Aztecs who had a strange habit: They ate tecuitlatl or Spirulina, a kind of "blue mud" known for its nutritional value, that they drew from Lake Texcoco . Since the dawn of time, Saharan peoples in Africa harvest dihe, a substance similar to spirulina, having the same nutrients and consumed by pregnant women but also during food shortages for its benefits. Its incredible wealth of nutrients and protein helps combat malnutrition in famine-stricken countries. Requiring little water and few technical means, "farms" for spirulina production have been set up, particularly in India, Peru, Togo, China and Vietnam.

The new superhero in our plat : Spirulina or Superfood !

Spirulina can rightly be considered as a superfood! It is composed of 50% to 70% of vegetable proteins as well as 8 amino acids ensuring a good functioning of the metabolism. Although you rarely eat more than 10g of spirulina per day, you should know that 100g of this algae contains three times more protein than 100g of meat or fish. This is the perfect solution to fill up on nutrients, protein and energy for the day!.

You thought you see it all...

Spirulina is like a Swiss army knife: when you think you've seen everything, you discover a new tool, small scissors very useful! Spirulina not only helps fight malnutrition, is easily cultivated, in an eco-responsible way, but that's not all! With its protein content, spirulina is ideal for vegan and vegetarian diets and is also recommended for athletes ... Indeed, many people playing sports, consume regularly for its contributions in protein and vitamins. Spirulina helps to get rid of body aches and cramps while promoting body toning and muscle gain: ideal for a sporty chick! It also promotes the functioning of the nervous system, blood coagulation and reduction of blood pressure. It is also recognized and used in the medical world, doctors prescribe to people with diabetes, anemia, having a stroke or suffering from hypertension. Spirulina also has virtues beauties: It slowed the aging of cells, embellished the complexion, strengthens hair and nails ... Is that enough?

A spirulina diet, good for the mind and the soul

Let's get to the heart of the subject by talking health and well-being with a spirulina cure. At the beginning of the treatment, it is advisable to take 1 to 2g per day for a week, then 3 to 5g the following weeks. Indeed, during this one, our metabolism absorbs large quantities of minerals and vitamins, so as not to overload it, it is advisable to listen to your body and to take breaks. It will be understood, spirulina has a lot of positive effects on our metabolism. However, its high content of mineral salts can cause digestive problems. It is therefore not recommended for people suffering from hyperthyroidism, hemochromatosis and those undergoing anticoagulant treatment.


Spirulina is not dangerous in itself. However, if you want to start a spirulina cure you must start gently, without consuming too much and pay attention to side effects. Respecting your body and your needs is the most important!



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