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Des gestes simples pour être plus écolo au quotidien !

Des gestes simples pour être plus écolo au quotidien !

According to the Global Footprint Network, if all humans had a standard of living similar to the French, we would need three planets to meet our needs. However, adopting a greener attitude every day is easy. Turn off the light when leaving a room, turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or simply put the plastic in the yellow bin. Every gesture counts and, no matter how small, reduces our ecological impact on the planet. In this article, we will propose simple but effective actions to take care of our planet.

A healthier diet

In addition to having a harmful impact on health, our way of eating alone accounts for 30% of the ecological footprint in France. This mainly includes our consumption of dairy (44%) and meat (30%). Cows and lambs are undoubtedly among the most polluting foods, with around 11 kg of CO2 emitted per 1000 calories. They produce a lot of methane, one of the pollutants responsible for climate change, and consume a lot. By focusing on vegetables and seasonal fruits, you participate in reducing the impact of agriculture on the climate. In addition, it is advisable to eat foods from organic farming, a practice that prohibits the use of pesticides and GMOs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. We advise you to reduce your consumption of milk and meat by 31% and diversify your diet by eating cereals, fruits or proteins such as eggs and soy.

Move in a cleaner way

Despite the major technological advances in the design of more "sustainable" cars, only 1% of cars are electric on 38 million vehicles circulating in France. Cars that do not have an electric battery release into the air toxic particles having a devastating impact on global warming and also on our health. There are other means of transportation and small tips to reduce our fuel consumption and carbon footprint. Adopting "economical" driving instead of sporty driving saves almost 30% of fuel, that is to say, as far as possible, avoiding braking and acceleration. Promotes the use of public transport, often the car turns out not to be the most suitable way for short trips and daily. Every trip without a car but on foot, by bike or by public transit is a step towards a more sustainable environment.

Save water and energy

We tend to waste our resources quickly: our water, our electricity, our air, etc. It is therefore time to pay more attention to our consumption and set up automation to perform for a more responsible daily. The problem is simple, whether we talk about water or electricity: the more we use energy sources, the more we pollute! Take as an example, water consumption. An inhabitant will consume 150 liters of water per day while only 1% of this volume is actually drunk. We avoid baths 3 times a week and showers that last for hours. Similarly for electricity, we turns off when you leave a room and avoid leaving his devices in standby mode. To have a greener apartment , it's not complicated: avoid plastic, use alternatives such as glass, bamboo or reusable bags. Then one day, why not invest in renewable energy for heating by buying wood or installing solar panels for example. Every detail counts for our planet!

Little extra : an eco-friendly dressing room

Eco-responsible fashion, it exists! More and more brands adopt an "eco-friendly" policy, that is to say in agreement with the environment, prioritizing recyclable raw materials and recycled. Brands like Veja , Faguo, Balzac Paris but also Reformation all use eco-friendly materials. Textile giants are also trying to get along with greener lines: Conscious at H & M or Join Life at Zara. Promotes thrift stores, garage sales to buy new clothes and, who knows, you will find the rare pearl. In addition to being stylish, you'll have a more eco-friendly dressing room. You can also register on applications to resell and buy clothes already worn for some or new for others. Your clothes too small or you like more will have a second life and it will also allow you to earn some money!

Of course, there are many other things to do on a daily basis to limit your ecological impact. This list is far from exhaustive and can easily be completed and modified!


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