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Comment être plus productif ?

Comment être plus productif ?

Throughout our lives we try to be the best version of ourselves by surpassing ourselves and being more productive. Being more productive is not about working longer or longer, but rather effectively. If you want to do better and succeed, you must change your mindset and ban all bad habits that affect your success.

5 bad habits to give up

On a daily basis you make actions that slow you down in your productivity because they waste your time unnecessarily and prevent you from concentrating on important tasks. We offer you through this article, examples of bad habits that you will surely recognize and that must be eliminated from your routine. Of course, these are very recurrent examples, this list is non-exhaustive, you have to own it and include all the other habits that you want to give up.

Prioritize sleep work: Reducing sleep to work hours does not improve your productivity. Sleep has many benefits that are not negligible when one wants to organize and work more effectively. For example, sleeping at a proper and regular pace improves the condition of our body through the repair of body tissues, the restoration of energy and the relaxation of muscles. Micro-napping has become a very common practice within companies. Studies have shown that a nap of 10 to 20 minutes would both reduce stress in employees, have a boost of energy and soothe their work space

- Planning too many tasks: Carefully scheduling an hour per day can be problematic when an unexpected event occurs. The best solution would be to plan only 4 to 5 hours of your work time in order to have the opportunity to anticipate correctly.

- Skip breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day since it is the first. Although sleep is important, it is necessary to eat nutritious and healthy foods for your health that will give you the energy to work all morning. According to dietitian Lisa Defazio, fruit and whole foods high in fiber should be favored.

- Multitasking: It is very difficult to be both multi-tasking and efficient in one's work. The latest studies have shown that being multi-tasking reduces productivity by 40% and that the brain works better when it handles one task at a time.

- Navigate unnecessarily on the web: The most famous excuse for procrastinating is of course internet. For a large majority of the population, the computer is a fundamental tool that accompanies us throughout the day, so we can easily get lost on the websites and social networks!

What behavior to adopt to be more productive?

Fortunately for you, throughout your life you have probably already opted for certain habits that allow you to be productive. Now that you know what bad habits that have to be eliminated from your life, it's up to you to replace them with new ones that will make you happy and more effective. There are different ways to improve productivity such as punctuality, the delegation of certain tasks, the optimization of your workspace, the management of time, the practice of a sports activity ...

Dwight David Eisenhower once said "What is important is rarely urgent and what is urgent, rarely important. "

Time management is a complicated task that we face in adulthood or adolescence. It is not often easy to combine personal life and professional life, although it may seem easier in adolescence because we face fewer responsibilities. Time management is organized in different stages: Setting goals, Making a table of priorities, Setting a time limit, Planning, Doing one task at a time.

But what are really the important tasks and the urgent tasks?

Urgent and important tasks require your immediate attention and must be carried out in priority so that they are not an obstacle to non-urgent but important tasks. They are usually a source of stress, pressure, fatigue because they are last-minute or unpredictable activities. Non-urgent but important tasks: These are all the tasks that have to be done by and for oneself and that must be planned. These are the origin of our happiness, satisfaction and our success. Urgent and unimportant tasks: All interruptions of our surroundings, external people who ask us for various reasons but are classified as "not important" because they are not beneficial to our progress. Non-urgent and non-important tasks: futile activities, which will satisfy you (or not) but will not help you in the long term to reach your objectives and on the contrary can dissuade you from aiming at a specific objective.

Why associate sport with productivity?

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are more and more recurrent and accounted for more than 85% of occupational diseases in 2011. Their causes are multiple such as repetition of gesture, posture, cold, stress, the environment of job…. They cause absenteeism, decreased productivity, and partially or totally disabling genes. This is why after many studies, the recurrent practice of a sport has been approved to improve health and well-being. Indeed, a study was conducted in 2011 by a Swedish university for one year with 2 different groups of about one hundred people. The final results showed that replacing 2.5 hours of work with a sports activity helped to reduce employee absenteeism while increasing their productivity. While the group, which was not changing its working conditions, had seen its absenteeism rise.

In addition, a regular sports activity would also remove all work-related stress and boost energy when your workout is done before your work. But also, improve your sleep by 45 minutes when the sporting activity is carried out during the day. A sports activity would also boost productivity by promoting better concentration, a clearer memory and less stress. World Health Organization said “Adults aged 18 to 64 should practice at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity endurance activity or 75 minutes of sustained-intensity endurance activity during the week.” Although it may not seem like much on a full day, French people disagree with this idea. Indeed, according to the Ipsos, more than a third of the French could not get a niche dedicated to a sporting activity despite the fact that this was strongly advised. This is why more and more companies are investing in private sports halls or specific hours dedicated to sports classes between colleagues.

Don’t waste more time, use all these tips and become more productive!


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