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Comment manger équilibré ?

Comment manger équilibré ?

Many women throughout the year are in need of draconian diets that generally do not meet the desired expectations. The solution to these disastrous diets: stop everything and start a food rebalancing!

Do not go on a radical change

Food rebalancing is the best way to lose or gain weight over the long term. Balanced eating is not just about restricting or eating in a very small quantity, but rather adopting a healthy lifestyle by finding good eating habits. This is not a diet because diets are very difficult to respect and make you gain even more weight as soon as they are finished. Food rebalancing has multiple benefits: it will allow you to achieve your various goals and will significantly reduce all health problems related to your diet. The most important is to eat in reasonable quantities and to promote a diet rich in good nutrients. As said before, thanks to the rebalancing food you will be able to obtain concrete and stable results but it is necessary to know to be patient and not to change his habits radically if you do not want to feel frustrated and to abandon all your efforts. You must be aware that you do not have to banish from your diet all the foods that make you happy but to best meet your nutritional needs. Once this psychological course has passed, it will take you over a period of several months to vary your diet by adding new foods (one or two to start) that will replace the bad for your health.


Hydration is a major factor to be addressed when rebalancing food. It is indispensable for the survival of man and his well-being. Its benefits are many, hydration is involved in digestion, the elimination of waste and toxins, the absorption of food and gives an impression of satiety which avoids snacking. Of course, it is not about sodas or other artificial drinks filled with added sugars, no, nothing better for your health than water. It is advisable to drink an average of 2L of water per day so do not hesitate to find tips on the internet that will help you drink regularly! In addition, if you're sporty, hydration is one of your best allies and will bring you many benefits during your workouts.

Habits to take to promote your dietary change

- Getting to know your body: The goal of a food rebalancing is also to listen to your body and your desires. You should not reduce your calories significantly by what you want to lose weight or throw yourself on food as soon as the opportunity arises. It is better to eat at a regular pace but there is not a specific number of meals to respect. Finally, we advise you not to compare your diet to that of others because what works for some will probably not be the case for you.

- Learn how to shop and eat: The ideal way to prepare healthy meals is to organize your shopping properly. Plan your weekly meals according to your schedule and list on a list all the necessary foods you need to buy. Doing your shopping according to a menu of the week that you have established in advance will be for you a saving of time, money and will allow you to eliminate any waste. In addition, although it seems obvious, do not go shopping hungry, you will be easily tempted by any kind of fat or too sweet products. Finally, you can also plan a day of the week, for example Sunday, to prepare all your meals. This will save you from worrying about going home from work and eating low calorie and nutritious meals.

- Understand the composition and nutritional labeling of products: It is very important to learn to decrypt the nutrition labels of the products you buy and read their composition. Although we do not recommend industrial products, it is possible that starting your food rebalancing you do not completely eliminate certain products from your diet (for example, prepared tomato sauces, cream, industrial bread ...) so you have to pay attention to their composition and favor those who have a simple composition with ingredients you know. Moreover, if you want to pay attention to your caloric contributions it is very advantageous for you to learn to decrypt the labels to answer as much as possible to your needs !

- Cook yourself (stop food): The preparation of your different meals is a major step in your food rebalancing. Nothing better than cooking your own meals, whether for the taste, the nutritious food or the composition of your dishes. Industrial food is filled with additives and preservatives that are bad for you and you can not.

We have given you some tips to start a rebalancing food but do not hesitate to learn more about the subject! Many books, videos and websites are available to answer your questions.


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