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Fast Food VS Fit Food

Fast Food VS Fit Food

You maybe already know it, food counts for 80 % in the construction of our body and working out counts for 20 %. Even if practicing sport is essential to feel good about ourselves and keep in shape (and yes, sorry…), what takes place in the kitchen is also important!

Dieting ? No way !

Say bye bye to diets! Did you know that you have the right to eat delicious pizza? Hamburgers and ice-cream? The secret is to spend time cooking, it is necessary to take pleasure in cooking for yourself and know the substitutes possible to replace unhealthy ingredients. In a chocolate cake for example, it is possible to replace butter by avocados! Disgusting you’re thinking? Not at all, avocados have no taste if they are well proportioned. We can therefore say goodbye to diets and hello to cooking!

EAnd if we transformed fastfood into fitfood?

We would like to share with you some of our favorite recipes which break fat food codes.

Time is money or time is apéro ?

And if we begin with the best? Les Poulettes Fitness team’s favorite moment : apéro-time! Very often aperitifs are made with chips and sausage… It is nevertheless possible to share a healthy aperitif which is 99 % healthy (if we put aside alcohol)! Exchange mini pizzas, olives and crackers for delicious home-made Bruschettas: cereal bread, cottage cheese (or feta cheese), cherry tomatoes marinated with basil, salt and lemon. A delight!

Peanuts and pistaches? Not for us! Replace them by some delicious almonds: rich in mono-unsaturated fats, they are the "good ones” which contribute to a good cardiovascular health! They are also rich in vitamins and proteins.

One of our favorite recipes is an appetizer made with melon: cut a slice a melon, place it on one or two spinach leaves and add a thin slice of prosciutto (that you will have cut the fat off beforehand), now you have brought it all together!

Your meal is now served!

And if we proposed you a delicious pizza? You would probably reply by saying it’s too greasy, that the mountain of cheese on it is not adapted to your food objectives and that there is too much oil! Have you already thought of garnishing it with fresh vegetables and homemade tomato sauce? A little light feta cheese, some turkey for protein and peppers to add some color! Even a homemade pesto sauce could make it incredibly good. You now have the talent to be a real pizzaiola!

Americans have the highest mortality rate due to being overweight, with the largest numbers of obese persons on the planet, they also have a reputation of having unhealthy eating habits and loving fast-food. We understand that even if food is tempting we nevertheless have to resist as it can be bad for our health. But what about homemade burgers? Nutritionally speaking? Proteins, vegetables, starch…. It seems like the perfect meal! This could be right under one condition, knowing how to choose ingredients and the amount to use. For example, replacing white bread with whole grain bread. Replacing the meat with lean meat and making it YOURSELF ! A lot of recipes are available on the internet! Garnish your burgers mainly vegetables; tomatoes, onions, lettuce, arugula, peppers, avocado… Tada! A healthy burger full of nutrition! You see, it not all that complicated!

Burgers usually come with French fries but let’s be clear, they haven’t got any nutritional value. Instead try grilled vegetables. They can be green, yellow, orange or red, vegetables have a major importance in your food choices: a source of vitamins, fiber and very low in calories, they can be eaten in large quantities and in all forms. Nothing is simpler than replacing classic French fries with French fries made from carrots; peel the carrots, cut them in two length wise, brish them with a little oil, add a little salt, pepper and/or other spices according to your preferences and hop in the oven! Simple, easy, and fast!

Our lunch favorite: the open sandwich! Morning breakfast? Not necessarily, it can also be eaten for lunch. A whole grain toast, cottage cheese, smoked salmon, arugula, avocado, you can even add cherry tomatoes, onions, chives: the perfect combo! The Poulettes Fitness team adores them and eats them at least once a day, we encourage you to try!

S&S : sugar and squats !

A good meal HAS to end with a good dessert! As tomorrow is the February 1 we are all excited about the upcoming summer season. Too early you think? Not at all! The most popular summer dessert has to be ice-cream. We can nowadays find a whole lot more flavors than we can even imagine! Last summer we had the opportunity to enjoy goat cheese flavored ice-cream in Geneva, Switzerland ... The taste was very strange. I’m not encouraging you to try it because it wasn’t very good but also has lots of calories. Instead, we recommend you try this homemade watermelon & blueberries sorbet recipe: cut a watermelon in small squares (remove pips), freeze the pieces over-night, the next day mix the frozen pieces of watermelon with some fresh blueberries in a mixer and done!

Our favorite dessert, which can also be eaten for breakfast or eve 4pm is homemade granola. A great source of fiber, it contains only "good” fats and natural sugar such as honey. Simple to make, it only takes a few minutes to prepare. It can be made according to your taste: add fruits, walnut, chocolate, etc. Beware, granola is available in supermarkets but it will never be as healthy as your homemade one!

Hydrate yourself to survive or hydrate yourself for pleasure?

Yes, water is tastes good, or not, according to every person’s taste… What would you think of a different water flavors The infusion! Lemon, grapefruit, strawberry, watermelon, cucumber, mint and a lot more! Leave your mixture of fruit/veggies and water in your refrigerator for 24 hours. Than enjoy a natural infusion, without any additives, conservators or sugar, 100 % homemade - 100 % made in France (or somewhere else) YUMMY!

My favorite drink, rose syrup! There is no simpler recipe than a delicious homemade syrup: wash and cut a lemon in slices, put in a pot, fresh rose petals with a little water and the lemon slices, bring the mixture to a boil, take off the heat, cover and let rest for 24 hours, filter the liquid with a coffee filter, weigh the obtained juice and add half of its weight with “natural” sugar (example: Stevia) to the pot. Warm over medium heat until it comes to a boil. Pour the mixture into your recipients: bottles, etc, and store in a refrigerator!

Fini la torture !

Stop depriving yourself of little of life’s pleasures! Restrictive diets have to end now. Take your leggings and go and workout ! Then you can congratulate yourself with a tasty meal which you will have had pleasure cooking! Your body will be delighted! The Poulettes Fitness encourages women to take time for themselves, by encouraging them to accept their bodies (go and check our article concerning this subject if you want to know more about it) and taking care of both their body and their spirit! We would be delighted to hear from you with your ideas on your favorite recipes so don’t hesitate to write us and leave us a comment!

Ready, set, eat!


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    Pedro D.R
    janv. 31, 2018

    Excellent article l\'équipe !\n\nTrès utile pour adapter mon alimentation en vue d\'une reprise progressive du sport. Et oui, grande résolution : j\'ai pris un abonnement à la salle !\nJ\'aurais donc tout le loisir de me faire plein de petits plats succulents mais surtout bons pour mon corps !\n\nPoulettement vôtre,\nP. D R



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