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Comment reprendre du poids après une sèche

Comment reprendre du poids après une sèche

Have you lost adipose with training and dieting and want to maintain your body without shattering your efforts? Here are some tips to help you to gain back some weight with a muscle gain.

Feed yourself with a precise and balanced diet

First of all, you have to gain muscle while avoiding fat. Therefore, you have to beware of your nutritional intakes that you may reckon weekly. You have to vary them to increase your muscular mass but not your adipose. Plan your meals and impose yourself regular meals hours. Eat regularly and 5 times a day. Adapt you food quantity and its nutritional intake without getting into restriction and frustration, mostly depending on your physical activity. Indeed, the more efforts you do, the more you will need to increase your intake.

Foods to favor

To gain back some weight but no fat, you have to give priority to some foods. The ones full of proteins like meat, fish or eggs that are really good. Foods loaded with carbohydrates are also really adapted, as well as starchy foods and cereals that will prevent your muscles from melting. Finally, foods rich in good fats such as nuts or avocados, and green vegetables, are to be favored. Moreover, eat as less transformed as possible foods. To gain muscles, you also have to weekly increase your carbohydrates intake. You can eat some before or after your training and then bit by bit include them to your meals. Finally, don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

Measure yourself and keep on training

After doing all of this, measure yourself to know your weight gain. You can take your arms or waist measures to see if your muscular volume has increased. Your waist size and measurements must simultaneously increase, in order to get good results. Depending on your measures results, you can draw conclusions and adapt your diet. Finally, keep on exercising with heavy weights and stay focused throughout your session. If you’re hurting at the end of your session, don’t worry: it’s normal, and even recommended!



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