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Exercices pour avoir une poitrine ferme et musclée

Exercices pour avoir une poitrine ferme et musclée

Have you always dreamt of having a beautiful neckline to feel seducing and good about yourself? We’re giving you the keys to a firm and muscular chest with a few simple exercises.

Tone up your chest

The first basic exercise to enhance your chest is to do push-ups. You need to muscle and tone up your shoulders, your arms and your torso in general. To do so, lay down on your belly, with your hands spread a little wider than your shoulders. Align your head with the rest of your body and get on your tiptoe. Inhale and flex your arms to bring your chest close to the ground without touching, bye contracting your abs and booty. Then get back up, pushing on your arms and exhaling. To be more efficient, do 4 series of 10 push-ups and rest in-between them.

Muscle your pectorals and firm up your cleavage

To reinforce your chest firmness, don’t hesitate to work with dumbbells. Firstly, you can do a pectorals exercise with spread arms. Get yourself on the ground; lay down on your back with arms vertically outstretched and exhaling. You can also do some pullovers or pectorals exercises with tight arms. It is the same exercise with your arms lowered against your chest or behind your head. Do 4 series of 20 reps of these exercises, with some rest in-between.

Enhance your chest

The invisible chair exercise, for your triceps, will help you to enhance your chest. To do so, lean on a chair border with the palm of your hand. Bend your elbows in a straight angle with your shoulders back. Get down toward the ground up until your shoulders align with your elbows and then get back up. Repeat this exercise many times, keeping in mind to breathe properly. Finally, you can also to the plank for your abs. to do so, place your hands on the ground on a plank position. Your body must form a straight line. Then raise an arm to your shoulder’s level and repeat it on the other side. Repeat this movement as long as it takes to feel some effect.

A few tricks

To ensure a correct maintain of your chest, use a comfortable and efficient bra. Rather choose one made out of cotton with wide straps and without underwire. Know that our Les Poulettes Fitness sport bras are perfectly adapted to sports practice. Moreover, you mustn’t get into excess and workout too much with too heavy weights, you could get the reverse effect and lose some chest volume.



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