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24 juil.
Do you know that summer is the privileged moment for the French to read? At the beach, by the pool or in your garden on a deckchair, this is the moment when you finally have time to embark on the adventures of others.
24 juil.
Sleep is essential to keep you fit, physically and mentally. But you still have to sleep well! We give you some easy tips and tricks to set up to have a restful sleep
24 juil.
What can we expect from regular yoga practice? This sport represents a real maintenance of your body, it softens, tones and balances each of your muscles.
24 juil.
Applications around health and wellness themes are multiplying and invading the market. We have selected three of them that we use regularly! These are nice apps to use that will allow you to better know your body and its needs
17 juil.
Filled with beta-carotene and fresh flavors, this smoothie will make you climb the pink (and tan) to the cheeks! It is tomato-based which is the ideal leak: The tomato is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E and also contains B-carotene that prepares the skin for tanning.
Pas facile d’être en forme et de bonne humeur 365 jours par an… voire même presque impossible ! Mais chez les Poulettes on pense que rien n’est impossible. En tout cas on fait de notre mieux pour garder la positive attitude toute l'année et on te dit comment dans cet article.