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02 juil.
Summer is good. And the sun that burns your skin is there to remind you! Here are some little tricks to prepare your skin well in the sun and have a nice tan that lasts until autumn! Do not forget that you must be exposed to the sun very gradually and that sunscreen is indispensable.
26 juin
Your hair is dry, greasy, damaged or dull? Prepare your own mask with only healthy and natural ingredients, known for their moisturizing, nourishing or softening properties!
26 juin
Did you know that legumes are inexpensive, nutritious, and good for health? Yet they are the big forgotten ones of our plates. Here are some arguments to put them to the spotlight and tips for consuming them
26 juin
Do you know that 1,62 billion people suffer from a lack of iron? The latter causes fatigue, fragility or even muscular weakness. To alleviate this deficiency that affects mainly women, some foods are better than others.
25 juin
Our body reflects our state of health, so it is important to have good eating habits so that your skin, your hair and your nails are resplendent. Even a slight change in your diet will have a beneficial effect as these parts of your body regenerate very quickly.
21 juin
Dark chocolate has interesting nutritional properties if you choose it well black, with at least 70% cocoa, and if you do so in moderation.