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Our body reflects our state of health, so it is important to have good eating habits so that your skin, your hair and your nails are resplendent. Even a slight change in your diet will have a beneficial effect as these parts of your body regenerate very quickly.
21 juin
Dark chocolate has interesting nutritional properties if you choose it well black, with at least 70% cocoa, and if you do so in moderation.
18 juin
You spend your summer in Lyon and you are always on the lookout for good places for a drink on a nice terrace with your friends? We have found for you the perfect place: 27 Madeleine.
18 juin
Summer is almost here, the aperitif period begins slowly. Unfortunately, the chips and peanuts we eat on terraces with our friends are not great for our line. We offer you a delicious recipe of individual quiche with ratatouille to easily combine pleasure and health!
18 juin
Yes yes you read well, today we make you discover a chocolate cake recipe with zucchini and therefore without butter! Test it, you will love it!
11 juin
It's summer, it's sunny, it's hot and... you're thirsty! Phew, it's time for an aperitif! If a refreshing drink makes you feel good on the job, don't forget that it probably hides perverse effects... We share here small information very useful to hydrate in all serenity!