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20 avril
A day is a long time. We’ve got 24 hours to train so you might as well wisely choose your moment! To choose yours, we’re going to give you some criteria to find YOUR perfect time.
18 avril
Have you lost adipose with training and dieting and want to maintain your body without shattering your efforts? Here are some tips to help you to gain back some weight with a muscle gain.
17 avril
Sweating, having sore muscles (for days), feeling a little dumb when you don’t know how to use a machine… Sport isn’t really your thing. But So here are a few tips on how to get started and motivated!
17 avril
We all want a firm and toned body to idle on the beach this summer. With some daily efforts, you should quickly see results.
17 avril
We all have an area of our body we don’t love and that may even complex us : too flabby, too big… To remedy, here are some anti “bat effect” tips!
17 avril
We've all encountered this awful pain that made us scream « ****, I’ve got a cramp! »… Well today, we’re going to tell you how to avoid finding yourself in this awful situation once again.